Academic Results

Academic Results

Crossroads Academy of Kansas City is committed to transparency in reporting on the academic progress of its students.

How CAKC Measures Student Academic Performance

We measure academic performance using three key assessments:

National: The Northwest Evaluation Association Assessment (NWEA)

Nationally norm-referenced, growth-measured exams administered three times a year.  Students in grades K-2 take the Reading and Math assessments.  Students in grades 3-8 take the Reading, Math, and Science assessments.  The NWEA assesses student academic growth over the course of a single school year.

State: The Missouri Assessment Program (MAP)

Required state assessment administered in the spring by all public schools in Missouri.  Students in grades 3, 4, 6, and 7 take the Communication Arts and Math MAP assessments.  Students in grades 5 and 8 take the Communication Arts, Math, and Science MAP assessments.  The MAP assesses student understanding of the Missouri Learning Standards for each grade level.

Local: Common Formative Assessments (CFA)

Grade level specific assessments administered at the end of each unit of study.  Students in grades K-8 take English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science assessments.  The CFAs measure student mastery of learning standards.


Goal #1: Students will average 1.2 years of academic growth on NWEA.

NWEA Growth


Goal #2: Students scoring proficient/advanced on the MAP assessment will increase by 5%.

MAP Proficient/Advanced

English Language Arts35%41%64.2%

Goal #3: Students will master at least 85% of their learning standards.

CFA Learning Standards Mastered

English Language Arts79%81%