DIY of Garage Door Services

After a hectic long day and a hefty drive back home, you can just think of having a nice shower and cup of hot coffee while watching your favorite TV show. You arrive home and hit the button of the remote to open and close the garage door so that you can park the car and enjoy the evening.

You could be shocked that nothing happen. The garage door does not open. You pressed the button again and again in frustration but to no avail. The last thing you want to have is a professional Dayton garage door service to restore the functionality of your garage door.

In some situations, most homeowners would hire garage door repair companies to get their garage doors fixed. How about taking care of your garage door on your own, before you get a cell phone and call the nearest garage door company. Maybe it is not a big problem and you can solve it easily on your own. The major garage door problems should be treated by professional garage door technicians. Remember, you were provided with an instructions handbook on the day of garage door installation which has some troubleshooting techniques and guidelines. Definitely, it is the first and important thing you should be looking at. Let’s see what else you can do with your garage door system.

  • Garage door remote failure is normally the most common issue. Always keep a spare device and batteries with you, so that you make sure if the issue lies with the garage door remote.
  • In case, your garage door remote seems to be working, you should check the sensors which receive the signals from the remote. Make sure the lenses of sensors are not covered by dust that can block the transmission of signals.
  • After checking the remote and sensors, check the hinges and rollers on which the garage door runs. Blocked and dented tracks or dry rollers make the garage door slow and hard to operate. Clean and lubricate them properly to make the garage door work.

Garage Doors

  • Make sure that garage door cables and opener are connected securely. The prime indication of this issue is a stuck or jammed garage door. A malfunctioning garage door would fluctuate and stop in the middle of opening and closing.
  • Garage door tracks are held by the mounting brackets which can become loose and cause rough opening and closing. You can easily fix it by tightening the loose brackets and replacing the damaged ones.

  • There are chances that garage door tracks are dented or damaged badly. You can get them back in their original shape with the help of a rubber hammer. Badly damaged tracks and panels should be replaced by professional garage door technicians.
  • The last thing that you could not check is the torsion springs. These springs are found at the top of a garage door. They are used to control the opening and closing and balance the weight of garage door. It is the dangerous part that should be handled by garage door specialists.

It is strongly recommended that call a professional garage door technician to handle your malfunctioning garage door especially if the parts of your garage door are outdated. All garage door parts have working limits and they should be replaced after a certain period of time. So hire a reputed and trustworthy garage door company, if you want to have a peaceful sleep being sure that nobody can break your garage door.