How epoxy seal protect your floor

An epoxy floor coating will be used if you want to polish your existing concrete floor to give it a specialized finish. It is transparent resin with the high quality of hardness that seals and protects your concrete floor. There are plenty of famous contractors including, concrete polishing Phoenix which can provide excellent services to make your concrete floor hygienic, non-slippery, durable, waterproof and also give it an attractive high-gloss look.

What is an epoxy coating?

The epoxy coating comes in two parts which are called “polymer”. They will mix with the polyamine hardener to create an epoxy resin. This mixture can be used for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Epoxy coating is applied to protect and seal the concrete floors and other specific surfaces. In industrial buildings, it is used to make floors durable and protect them from graffiti. It is the most hygienic floor covering due to its dustproof and waterproof qualities. It can establish a high-grade surface that is suitable for the hospitality industry and ideal for wet places like toilets and kitchens. The epoxy coating comes in various grades which are formulated for different applications. For example, the purpose of epoxy flooring for the residential building would be different from the commercial areas.

How to apply the Epoxy coating?

Before applying the epoxy resin, a base surface should be prepared. The concrete surfaces are the ideal grounds to get the desired finish of epoxy coating. It is also used to correct the damaged and uneven surfaces. Depending on the area of surface and climate conditions, it needs 24 hours to set after application. Some designs of epoxy coating can take longer, depending on the level of mixture and thickness.

What type of look will be achieved?

The finishing is also depending on the type of ground used for epoxy coating. It is a transparent and clear resin which gives a glossy look to the existing floor. It is also available with semi-gloss and high gloss options.


Epoxy coating is used to get a gloss finishing which reflects the light and makes the area airy and bigger. Dirt or dust will not settle on the epoxy floors. If there is any dust, it can be cleaned quickly that is why it is beneficial for allergy patients. It is also quieter and shiner coating which needs very low-maintenance. Epoxy coating is also ideal for office and shopping malls. There are little problems with stains and spills. Epoxy flooring is ideal for your factory, office, or home as it is durable, attractive, long-lasting, and easy to clean and maintain surface.