Crossroads at the Kemper

Crossroads at the Kemper

on May 6, 2016 we hosted a student art exhibit at the

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

Our student artists got to show their work in a real art museum for the first time! We are very grateful to the Kemper Museum for their kindness in hosting our event. Thank you to our volunteers and our generous sponsors for bringing this event to life for our students!


Event photos by Rachelle Crowe:

ArtCrossroads-3  ArtCrossroads-49  ArtCrossroads-27 ArtCrossroads-14  ArtCrossroads-17  ArtCrossroads-28  ArtCrossroads-47  ArtCrossroads-31  ArtCrossroads-59 ArtCrossroads-66  ArtCrossroads-81 ArtCrossroads-98  ArtCrossroads-5   ArtCrossroads-25  ArtCrossroads-56