Crossroads Academy of Kansas City.

My three kids are studying here and so far I am satisfied. They excel academically and that doesn’t mean that they are not happy because, in the process, they are having fun as well. I’ve never seen any kids as focused and as dedicated as my kids. You do not anymore need to tell them to do their homework because they are very responsible in doing it on their own. In fact, if they do not know some of the things they find in their assignment, they usually make a research and discuss the findings with each other that you can determine that they are very advanced when it comes to their way of thinking. I am so glad of what my kids have achieved so far while they are under the care of this school.

We just moved in from San Francisco. At first, I never really know where I should enroll my kids. There are so many changes happening all at once and all I want for them is a little bit of stability. I want them to have fun in their new school and not feel homesick. Good thing that I found out about Crossroads Academy of Kansas City immediately. It was a colleague who recommended this to me and so far, I have no regrets. They really went out of their way when it comes to welcoming my kids in the school. There were no complains and that was saying a lot because my kids love to complain. All I hear are good words about the school which I am very happy about.

My kids love this school. They really enjoy a lot here not only the academic aspect but also the extra-curricular part of the activities. Unlike in the first school, I enrolled them in, they are always excited to come to class here.