Faqs Crossroads Academy of Kansas City

At this page, you can find the most common questions being asked by people on a regular basis. We have collected them here to give you more information about the academy and about the teachings they have here. In that way, you can be well guided about this educational institution more. If you have more questions, feel free to send them out to us. We promise to respond to you as soon as we can. You can check out our Contact Us page to know how.

 What is the Crossroads Academy of Kansas City?
Crossroads Academy of Kansas City is a school that caters up to K-8 grade. They accept a limited number of students here to ensure that each and every one of them will receive equal attention. We understand that attention is very important especially among small kids so this is what we hope to give these young kids. In that way, we can focus more on their learnings and in their needs.

Do you have your own canteen here that serves lunch?
We do have a place here where your kids can enjoy their lunch. We do serve lunch too and you can expect them to be nothing but healthy. As young as your kids are, we are already in the process of teaching them how to eat healthily. In that way, you will not have any problems with their nutrition. Just in case you want them to bring their own food from home, that is possible too. Our lunch canteen is a good venue for them to eat their packed lunch too.

Do you require a uniform for your students?
Uniforms are required. You can check out the required uniform here on this website. You can buy them easily at the department store in the area.