How to Choose a Garage Door for Your Home

I typically received many inquiries regarding garage doors from homeowners about how they should choose a reliable garage door. There is a great proven process when I advised homeowners to be followed to choose the best garage door which will suit their budget, needs, and requirements. Click here for additional help in choosing a reliable garage door for your home.

The first important thing I always ask is where the garaged door is installed on the house. I know, you are thinking that of course, in the garage. Well, let me go a little deeper, garage door can be installed in the attached garage under or near the living area of a home. It may be located in the detached garage in any free-standing area like, parking shed or large barn. When you need to install a garage door in the attached garage, I always recommend insulated garage doors because they will make an immediate difference to the comfort of the living area of your home. Let’s face it; an insulated garage door is an efficient way to go if you want to control your energy bills.

There are several insulation values to choose from. Common insulation values for residential garage doors can range from 6 inches to 19 inches. The best technique to make the selection easy is to understand the size and construction of your garage.

Nowadays, most garage walls are built with standard 2×4 constructions. Normally 2×4 fiberglass garage door insulation that is the constructed today gives you the average 2×4 framed wall with 13 values. A garage door with 13 gauges will equal the walls for insulating capacity and values.

For the attached garages, I recommend a steel insulated garage door with higher insulation values just because of two reasons. A steel garage door with a respectable insulation value will help you to keep the garage door quiet during opening and closing operations. It helps you to keep your place warm and cold whenever needed. A non-insulated garage door feels like a refrigerator in winter and an oven in summer and it sounds like a huge bag of hollow tin can rolling around.

Proper insulation makes your garage door strong and durable. If you have decided to install a non-insulated garage door, its locking system and lightweight will hurt you. It does not hard to break the cheap garage door. I have seen many people who have had their stuff stolen because a thief simply broke the lock and garage door to slip right into the garage.