Installing a Garage Door Spring Safely

Accidents related to overhead garage doors are reported for approximately 30,000 injuries cases every year, according to the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission.

These cases include amputations, fractures, broken bones, and even crushing under the garage door that could lead to further problems like death. The most important but hazardous element of the garage door is its spring. It means if you either choose to do a DIY garage door repair work or want to hire someone do it professionally. There are several safety precautions that must be considered when it concerns garage door spring installation. Hiring a reputed and certified garage door company such as, Greenwich, CT garage door repair is a wise decision.

Old versus new garage door springs: Nowadays garage door springs have a core rod inside the coil of spring, unlike old springs. This is why old garage door springs are considered risky and dangerous. In the case of installation, they are expected to throw off steel shrapnel inside and outside the garage. The flying pieces of springs can damage your body or car. Due to the core rod in the recent designs of springs, the broken chinks of material will retain in the rod in case of installation failure. Definitely, you go with the new springs. Visit your local garage door retailer to observe the difference between the two.

Types of springs: The recent type of garage door springs is the “torsion springs” system which may involve either one or two springs. These springs are wound up on a metal rod and placed on the header of the garage door. Maximum tension is generated when the overhead garage door travels down. If garage door spring breaks under such stressed conditions, it could be extremely dangerous. If you want to operate the garage door manually when a malfunction happens, you should follow a couple of things:

  • Don’t try to stop it from falling down
  • Let it go and quickly jump away from it
  • Make sure anyone is not where the garage door slams

In the case of dual springs, if one breaks, the other takes the responsibility to aid the garage door. Both springs should be replaced together. Having a new spring with an old spring will increase the risk of damages. Extension springs are an older model of a garage door. When extension garage door springs were introduced, they were once an efficient component in a garage door. They are used to assists the garage door in the opening and closing process by counterbalancing its overall weight. Anyone who has this system will notice how risky the system works. It is one of the major reasons that they are no longer in use. A solution comes in the shape of safety cables.

Garage door cables: These safety cables are manufactured with the light material. If spring breaks its chunks go ballistic but within a certain range where you have installed the safety cables. You can install garage door cables yourself after checking the material and measurement of your system.